Reservation Process

What methods can I use to get myself a hotel booking?

You can use two methods to make yourself a hotel booking.

  1. Online Booking: You can use our user friendly interface and progress with every step to confirm. After the availability has been verified, you can fill in your personal details. Once the system has accepted your booking there will be an immediate message detailing confirmation of your booking. You will also be sent an email which consists of other details and your itinerary.
  2. Booking Request: In case you wish to book a bulk package of rooms which cannot be handled by our reservation system, you can directly contact the hotel reservation partner for bulk bookings and bulk discounts.

Can I book a hotel room by telephone or email?

Unfortunately, we do not take bookings by telephone or email since the booking is made through one of our partner websites. However almost all our partner websites offer booking by phone and e-mail.

Can you check availability and make a reservation for me? is a self service search portal which provides discounted rates to its customers. Our interface is simple to understand and use and thus we encourage you to use it as per your convenience. You can check real time availability, pricing and make a booking at a suitable hotel. Your booking will be made directly between you and the hotel or hotelbooking engine like, and

How do I make a reservation?

Follow these simple steps and in a matter of minutes, you have a reservation waiting for your presence.

  1. Enter the name of the city / place you want to stay where it says "City" in the search box on the front page. After you have entered the information, a new page with a number of hotels will be displayed.
  2. You may see for the price on your own and compare as per your convenience. You can also read user recommendations (if any), number of stars, amenities provided by the hotel and user reviews for your reference. We also recommend you to use our exclusive features where you can choose the hotel by simply short listing your preferences.
  3. If you are looking for more information about a particular hotel at this time, you can click on the thumbnail image of the hotel. You will be redirected to a new page which will describe information such as pictures, road maps and any other details which you may require.
  4. If you would still like to have more information on the particular hotel, you can choose your preferred booking website and visit our partner sites. Once there, you can read for any additional particulars provided by the web portal offering the cheapest price for the hotel you are looking for.
  5. Finally, you can confirm your order with our partner web portals by entering your details and payment information at their respective websites. Any personal specifics including payment information which is disclosed at any of our portals is completely secure and is not dispersed to any third party.

Note: Kindly note to verify the final amount before submitting payment information as certain individual pages might reflect amounts inclusive or exclusive of taxes.

How do I know if my booking is confirmed?

After you have completed the reservation process, you shall be able to see an instant on screen confirmation. Your reservation details and reference id are on this page. You are advisable to take down this number for any future communication between you and the hotel. You shall also receive a confirmation email which will have your itinerary including the full address of the hotel.

When should I expect my confirmation after I have made the payment?

Once the payment has been authenticated, the selected room is booked on your name and the confirmation is given instantly in the form of an email sent to the email address provided by you. Since the room availability is constantly updated from the Hotel’s booking side, it is the responsibility of the Hotel in case any discrepancy occurs.

What if I have not received my online confirmation?

You can expect to receive confirmation of your booking, including a reservation number within 48 hours. You should ideally wait for about 48 hours before you can write them or give them a call asking for manual confirmation.

I still have not received any confirmation email. What should I do?

One of the most common errors is a typo during filling in the email address. Secondly check your mail box settings. Sometimes your spam settings do not allow the mail to be viewed from the inbox. If you do not receive an email after you have made a booking, please send a message with your booking number and details by using our contact form.